Defrost By The Fire With Winter BINGO

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Winter Bingo

Winter Bingo is the perfect indoor activity!  

Make some hot chocolate, watch the snow fall and play Winter Bingo!

Cute characters and fun to use bingo cards make this a new favorite game for the whole family!

Bingo is a card game that combines elements of bingo and winter coziness!

Players use tiles to fill in squares on their cards, then try to match up numbers in order to win points.

winter bingo

Play Bingo By Matching Pictures

This winter, play some fun games with friends and family. Try out our new game, Bingo, and see how well you do!

The rules of Winter Bingo are simple:

You match pictures on your card until you get five in a row.

 If you get five in a line, you win! 

And if you get four in a row, you win double!

Bingo Rules

You’ll need to make sure you have enough bingo cards to play the game.

If you don’t have enough cards, you can print more at home.
 Once you’ve called out the pictures, you must cover them with one of your own markers before calling out the next picture.

Bingo is played in many different ways, but the most common version involves covering pictures on a sheet of paper.

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