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Student Behavior Contract

A Student Behavior Contract is an agreement between parents and children about how they will behave in school.

They can include expectations for homework completion, attendance, grades, and even social interactions.

student behavior contract

The Agreement

In order to make sure that both parties understand the terms of the contract, it should be written out clearly.

This includes any consequences for breaking the rules.

If there are no consequences listed, then the parent needs to explain them to the child.

When students enter kindergarten, they should be taught about the importance of making good choices and following rules.

Parents can help teach their kids about appropriate behaviors by creating a written agreement that outlines what they expect from their child.

For example, if a parent wants her child to complete his homework every night before bedtime, she could write something like this into a contract:

“I expect my son to complete his homework each evening before he goes to sleep.

If he doesn’t, I will remind him of this rule at least three times during the day.”

student behavior contract

The Rules

There are three main parts to a student behavior contract: expectations, consequences, and rewards.

Expectations are things that the student agrees to do, such as not getting up during class.

Consequences are things that will happen if the student breaks the rules, such as being grounded.

Rewards are things that the student gets when he or she does something right, such as extra TV time

student behavior contract

The Rewards

Parents often feel frustrated when they aren’t able to communicate effectively with their children.

However, good communication skills can help you build strong relationships with your kids.

In fact, research shows that parents who communicate well with their children are more likely to see them as adults who are responsible, respectful, and trustworthy.

If you want to get your child to stop misbehaving at school, try using a student behavior contract.

These contracts help kids understand what they should be doing in class and why they should be doing it.

For example, if your child has been skipping classes, he or she might agree to write one hundred words every day about his or her experiences in school.

Or if your child is being disruptive during lunchtime, he or she could sign a contract agreeing to eat quietly and stay seated until the bell rings.

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