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International Autism Resources

Autism spectrum disorder affects approximately 1:59 people worldwide. According to The Autism Society of America, 1% of the world has autism spectrum disorder. 

Within the global community, developmental disorders, like autism, Asperger’s syndrome, developmental disabilities and other related disorders are looking for new ways to provide the best autism resources for children.  National and international autism resources 

Early Intervention

Public awareness about early childhood interventions for autism are increasing in our global community.   As autism becomes diagnosed more often in young children, family members need the latest information to make sure their children have the best quality of life and  can reach their full potential.

Child development experts encourage parents to connect with early treatment resources as soon as possible.  Parent’s of children with special needs should have access to the latest information for the treatment of autism so they can have the best quality of life.

Treatment of Autism

The Department of Education in the United States provides a free and appropriate services for kids with special needs.  Public education, special education and related services are provided to children with a developmental disability and autism spectrum disorders.

International autism resources provide parents of children with autism  a variety of autism education resources, health resources and service providers available to them.  

International Autism Organizations: Autism Resources for Kids

international autism

1825 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
1.800.695.0285 (Voice / TTY)
202.884.8200 (Voice / TTY)

6110 Executive Boulevard
Suite 305
Rockville, Maryland 20852

 1 (800) 328-8476

4350 Pacific Highway, #1007
San Diego, CA 92110

Email: RebeccaB@autismtreeproject.org

858 Finchley Road
NW11 6AB

 020 8458 3259 or gavin@resourcesforautism.org.uk


Provincial & Territorial Funding Programs For Autism Therapy Phone: (519) 695-5858 |

112 Merton Street Toronto, Ontario,  M4S 2Z8

Autism Research Institute 4182 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116 833-281-7165

70 Clinch Crescent St. John's, NL 709-722-2803 info@autism.nf.net



The National Centre for Autism Pocket 7 & 8, Jasola Vihar New Delhi 110 025 India + 91 11 4054 0991

+91 9051110656 Email: info@indiaautismcenter.org

International Resources for Parents

1800-266-7227 WHATSAPP +91 8291 890 569

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