The Cutest Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels For Cozy Gift Giving

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Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels

Hot Chocolate Bomb Labels

Hot chocolate bombs are a term used by people who enjoy making and giving hot chocolate as gifts in the wintertime.  

Our hot cocoa bomb labels are available on this website.

Unique Holiday Design

The Hot Chocolate Bomb label is designed to be printed and used as a decorative gift tag.

Hot chocolate bomb tags are perfect for holiday parties, family gatherings, and other special occasions.


hot chocolate bomb labels

Add A Decorative Ribbon

To make hot cocoa bombs, simply combine cocoa powder with boiling water. 

Then, add one or two drops of food coloring (red, blue, yellow, etc.) and stir until combined. 

Next, pour into a cupcake liner and place in the freezer for at least an hour. 

Once frozen, remove the cupcakes from the liners and enjoy!

Chocolate bomb labels are designed to be printed onto a piece of paper and attached much like a gift label.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb label is a fun way to let others know what you love most about hot cocoa during the cold months. 

You can print off this label and use it to decorate your mug or add it to a gift bag.

Our printable tag hot chocolate bomb labels are unique and special for the cozy holiday season!

Hot Chocolate Bomb Ideas

The Hot Chocolate Bomb label is a fun way to create your own hot cocoa bomb instruction tags. 

You can use this label to decorate mugs, tumblers, or other containers.

Simply print the hot chocolate bombs labels onto cardstock paper and cut out the shapes. 

Use a hole punch to add holes to the back of each shape. 

Then, attach the shapes to the container using double sided tape.

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