Trick or Treat Free Printables For Halloween

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Free Halloween Kids Printables

Free Halloween Kids Printables are perfect for Halloween parties, classroom treats, or just for fun. These cute little monsters will keep kids entertained all year long.  

Pumpkin Face Mask

This pumpkin face mask is super easy to make and looks so good!

The pumpkin face mask is one of our favorites because it’s easy to make and requires very few supplies.

Trick or Treat Printables are perfect for Halloween parties, classroom treats, or just for fun. 

These cute little monsters will keep kids entertained all season long.

This pumpkin face mask is super easy to make and looks so good! 
The pumpkin face mask is one of our favorites because it’s easy to make and requires very few supplies. 

You’ll need a large piece of paper (or cardboard), some tape, scissors, and a glue stick. 

 When you’re done, you’ll end up with a cute little monster that’s perfect for trick or treating.


Ghostly Handprints

The ghostly handprints are easy to create using black construction paper and a permanent marker. 

Simply trace around the outline of a hand onto the paper, then cut out the shape. 

Next, draw the face details on top of the handprint. 

Finally, add some googly eyes and a mouth. 

You can use a variety of different colors to decorate the monster, but be sure to leave the hands white.

Sensory Lights for Autism

Sensory lights can be a great tool for anyone on the autism spectrum.

These special lights are specifically designed to provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere, as well as help reduce sensory overload.

With 7 of the best sensory lights available, find the perfect option to create a positive environment for your autistic loved one.

LED Strip Lights – Colored & Customizable
LED strip lights are a great option when looking for sensory lights for autism – they’re customizable, come in a range of colors and can be shaped into any pattern.


The strips are designed with a water-resistant coating making them ideal for indoor or outdoor usage.

They also have low energy consumption which makes them more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

LED strip lights present an easy way to create a stimulating sensory environment as you can adjust the colors and brightness at different times during the day.

Smart Player Sensory Room Projector Kit
This kit comes with 4 color-changing sensory effects – rainbow, lightning storm, stars and fireworks!

It also comes complete with an automated timer so you can set the lights to turn off after a set amount of time in order to encourage healthy sleep habits.

The projector can produce hundreds of different colors and shades, so you can customize the intensity and brightness, plus change it up often for maximum effects.

Whether your child simply needs some light or is looking for a calming experience, this projector kit has it all!

Color Changing Mushroom Night Light
This relaxing mushroom night light is perfect for those on the spectrum who want a unique and gentle sensory experience.

It produces seven distinct colors, including blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink and white.

Additionally, the light is dimmable so you can adjust according to the mood or even create an ambient color changing atmosphere.

The auto shut-off timer turns it off after 120 minutes of use in order to encourage healthy sleep habits.

Plus, this light is small enough to fit easily into any room – making it an ideal choice!

Weighted Blanket with Extra Soft Minky Cover

A weighted blanket is an essential tool for those with autism because it can offer tactile input and provide comfort.

Our favorite is this minky weighted blanket with a soft and luxurious faux fur minky cover.

The fabric is thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Plus, it comes with a durable machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. This blanket pairs perfectly with our selection of sensory lights for autism – adding an extra layer of comfort and calming light any room.

Circular Motion Starfield – Perfect for Autism Sensory Play
The Circular Motion Starfield is the perfect light for creating a soothing atmosphere. This motion-activated sensory light projects a colorful, star-filled sky while it rotates 180° above your head.

You can also adjust the speed to accommodate different preferences, to help individuals with autism relax and feel at ease with their environment.

It’s ideal for bedtime/naps and calming time as well as for sitting up in a cozy spot for reading or playing games.

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