Miracle Chore Dollars That Kids Will Fight To Earn!

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Chore Dollars

chore dollars
chore dollars

Do your child need to the value of work?

Then use Chore Dollars today!

Find out what chores need doing around your house, then assign each one a dollar amount.
Chore Dollars is an easy way to make chores fun!

You can choose from a variety of different age-appropriate jobs, such as cleaning, yard work, cooking, pet care and more.

Complete Tasks

Your kids can choose or you can assign jobs with a chore dollar value.  

Kids can trade in their chore dollars for fun prizes or treats they would like to earn.

Kids can also learn about saving to buy a higher ticket item!

Earn Chore Dollars

Use these dollars as the currency of your home or classroom.  

Delight and educate kids on the give and take of work and reward.

Save Money

This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money in a fun and positive environment!

Have fun with this activity while kids learn the value of money.  Create a store of items your child can purchase with the money they earn!

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