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Cedar Point Travel: Surprising Disability Accommodations You Need

Cedar Point Travel
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Cedar Point Travel: Step By Step Guide

We are starting the summer of 2021 with Autism Friendly Vacation Spots.

This week’s spotlight vacation is Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is an American summertime tradition on the Lake Erie shore.

The resort is home to 70 rides, including exhilarating attractions.

  1. Steel Vengeance®
  2. Maverick®
  3. Valravn®
  4. Millennium Force®
  5. The Cedar Point Shores Waterpark
  6. family-friendly live shows
  7. delicious dining
  8. a mile-long beach
  9. on-site hotels and more

Cedar Point is the Roller Coaster Capital of the World with loads of fun rides, 18 acre waterpark, boardwalk and so much more!

We love that Cedar Point has created so many ways to accommodate guests with autism to provide  an amazing park experience.

Make sure to put Cedar Point on your summer bucket list.  You’ll be so glad you did!

Sensory Room

New sensory room has been added to Frontier Town First Aid. Quiet space from loud noises and crowds with a calming environment to rest. Use these low sensory areas
Make sure you check out a sensory pack while you are visiting.

Family Care Center

Cedar Points offers 2 Family Care Centers in the park. One in Planet Snoopy near the front of the park and one near the entrance to Maverick in Frontier Town. This is a great places for family members to take a break from the bright lights of the park, get a glass of water and rest. All Family Care Centers are also First Aid stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar Point Special Needs Pass

Cedar Point works hard to provide amusement park accomodations for guests who need them.

Go to Guest Services to get the following special needs services:

Boarding Pass Program

Autism Spectrum Disorder AccomodationsPeople who have casts, braces and prosthetic devices.

Service Animals


Access the park’s website for complete information.

How Many Cedar Points Are There?

There is one 364 acre Cedar Point Amusement Park!

It is in Sandusky, Ohio and sits on the shore of Lake Erie. There is a mile-long white sand beach and a water park called Cedar Shores.  Castaway Bay is an indoor waterpark for guests. 

Cedar Point is open from May through Labor Day and then reopens for Halloweekends in September.


Guests with disabilitiesare encouraged to check in to Guest Services at the front gate when you arrive at the park. Staff members will assist you with any needs.

Many services are offered to provide an amazing experience at the park, including:

Kid Track wristbands in case your group gets separated

Disposable Ear Protection 

Wheelchair Rental

Ride Swap

Ride Accessibility Program


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