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Cedar Point Travel: Step By Step Guide

Cedar Point Travel
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Cedar Point Travel

Cedar Point Travel: Step By Step Guide

We are starting the summer of 2021 with Autism Friendly Vacation Spots.

This week’s spotlight vacation is Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, is an American summertime tradition on the Lake Erie shore. The resort is home to 70 rides, including exhilarating attractions like Steel Vengeance®, Maverick®, Valravn® and Millennium Force®, the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, family-friendly live shows, delicious dining, a mile-long beach, on-site hotels and more.

Cedar Point is the Roller Coaster Capital of the World with loads of fun rides, 18 acre waterpark, boardwalk and so much more!

We love that Cedar Point has created so many ways to accommodate guests with autism to provide  an amazing park experience.

Make sure to put Cedar Point on your summer bucket list.  You’ll be so glad you did!

Cedar Point Travel

Boarding Pass Program

This feature allows guests with mobility restrictions or cognitive impairments to access attractions at specified times via the Alternate Access Entrance (usually the ride’s exit) in order to avoid crowds and waiting in the regular lines.

Cedar Point Travel

Alternate Access Entrances

Alternate Access Entrances are designed to help you safely experience our facilities and provide equal access to all guests.

Cedar Point Travel

Kid Track Program

Stop in at Guest Services for KidTrack, a wrist band program, which will assist you and park personnel in reuniting your group should you become separated

Cedar Point Travel

Sign Language Interpretation

If requested at least one week in advance, Cedar Point will provide American Sign Language ( ASL ) interpretation at select events. To arrange for sign language interpreting services, call our Admissions department at 419-627-2309. Please review our Live Entertainment Show schedule and let us know the dates of your visit and the shows you would like to see.

Cedar Point Travel

Assistive Listening Device

Cedar Point has sound amplifiers available for hearing impaired guests. These are recommended for guests with mild to moderate hearing loss. To use the system, guests should obtain a receiver at Guest Services.

Cedar Point Travel

Service Animals Welcome

Certified service animals welcomed and must remain with non riding member of your party. Contact Guest Services for more details.

Cedar Point Travel

Sensory Room

New sensory room has been added to Frontier Town First Aid. This is a quiet, calming environment to rest. Make sure you check out a sensory pack while you are visiting.

Cedar Point Travel

Family Care Center

Cedar Points offers 2 Family Care Centers in the park. One in Planet Snoopy near the front of the park and one near the entrance to Maverick in Frontier Town. This is a great places to take a break from the park, get a glass of water and rest. All Family Care Centers are also First Aid stations.

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