What No One Tells You About Calm Down Cards

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Calm Down Cards For Kids

This calming card set includes 27 different calming images that children can use to help them relax.

The images include lots of activities to reduce stress.

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Download The PDF File

You can download the PDF file here.

Download the Images

Download and cut out the images.  
The Calm Down Cards are designed to help you relax and de-stress during stressful times. 

You can use them to help your child feel better or less anxious.

calm down

Print Them Onto Card Stock Paper

These cards are perfect for children who are having trouble sleeping at night. 

They will also work well as a distraction technique during times of stress.
The Cards are designed to help kids learn to relax and fall asleep faster. Each card has a calming image printed with an action to decrease anxiety.

You can print them onto card stock paper or use construction paper.

Calm Down Cards For Kids

These calming cards are perfect for helping children calm down when they’re upset or anxious. 

The Calm Cards for Kids set includes 27 different cards, each featuring an activity your child can immediately use.

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