How Big is Your Brave? A Book Review

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How Big Is Your Brave?  Raise your hand if your child has ever been super scared to try something new. 

You know what I’m talking about, moms. Your child begged you for those dance or soccer lessons.

 Yet, when you tried to get that very same kid out the door for the first lesson, well, they had a change of heart.





Telling you, “I don’t want to go”

You know that child wants to go to those dance or soccer lessons SO much, but something is holding them back.

Fear. A natural response to a new situation we don’t understand yet.

Did you know a story is a powerful tool to help kids with fear? Story bridges the gap between fear and a new experience allowing your child to be brave in the face of fear.


How Big is Your Brave? is a brand new children’s book by best selling author Ruth Soukup. 

In this story, a little girl rabbit named Zippy dreams with her little brother Gus about traveling into Outer Space.

Zippy sees a flyer about Space Camp at her school and signs up to go even though she is scared.

But, at home, as she starts to question her decision to attend Space Camp, Zippy recalls how her Grandmother always said, “Your Why has to be bigger than your fear.”

Zippy decides to attend Space Camp afraid.


The Meaning of Brave

Scared, but determined, Zippy walks into Space Camp with her “whiskers trembling.”

 Before long Zippy makes friends, has fun, and is making a rocket ship for Launch Day for Space Camp.

At home, Zippy lets her little brother Gus try out her new rocket ship with disastrous results!

Will Zippy quit in the face of a setback or push through her problem to take her rocket ship to Launch Day?





I love how the idea of space is used in this book. Zippy has huge long term goals to travel into space someday.

However, before Zippy can someday travel deep into space on a rocket ship, she has to conquer her own smaller space at Space Camp.

Zippy learns a life lesson about conquering her smaller fears to help her later conquer her larger, scarier, goal


How Big is Your Brave? has many important life lessons:

Planning short and long term goals.

Refusing to quit in the face of problems.

Being brave and chasing your dreams while you are scared.

Dreaming big dreams.

Then, all of these lessons are wrapped in the package of two adorable little bunnies as they dream great big dreams for the future!

I just know you and your child are going to love How Big is Your Brave? by author Ruth Soukup! Get your copy today!

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