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Examples of Behavior Contracts for Students

Behavior contracts for students are agreements between parents and children that outline how each party will act when faced with an undesirable situation. 

They’re often used by teachers to enforce classroom rules.

This helps teachers know what their students will or won’t do, and it also gives them an idea of how to teach the lesson.

behavior contracts for students

Manage Home or Classroom Behavior

Behavior contracts for students might say something like “If I am asked to leave class because my behavior is disruptive, I will lose a privilege.” 

 It’s important to note that these contracts aren’t meant to punish students; instead, they help teachers understand what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable so they can better educate their students.

Behavior contracts are a useful tool for teachers who want to manage classroom behavior. 

For example, if a student has been misbehaving in class, a teacher could write a contract stating that if he/she continues to disrupt the class, then s/he will lose a token.

The contract would state that the student must sign the contract before returning to school. 

If the student refuses to sign the contract, then s/he should be removed from the classroom until s/he agrees to follow the rules

Pick A Behavior To Monitor

The student agrees to show up to class on time.
If a student shows up late to class, he or she must write an apology letter explaining why they were late. 

This helps the teacher understand why the student was late and gives him or her a chance to explain how the situation should not happen again.

Behavior contracts help students learn to control their actions and follow rules. 

For example, if a student has been tardy before, he or she might agree to write an apology letter after being late.

In addition, the student could be required to pay a fine for each day he or she is late.

The student agrees to listen attentively during class.
The student also agrees to follow directions given by the teacher. 

He or she will not interrupt the teacher when speaking.

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