Behavior Chart For Classroom Teachers-You Need This One!

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What Is An Individual Behavior Chart For Classroom Teachers?

individual behavior chart

This behavior chart for classroom teachers helps  identify student actions that need attention.

It also provides a visual representation of how well each student is doing in school.


Teachers can use this individual action systemfor students as a quick reference when monitoring student activities.

This chart is a great way to help students understand how their actions affect others.  It also helps teachers monitor student understanding and identify areas where improvement is needed.


Teachers can use the system to help them understand which areas of student behavior need improvement.t


Are Behavior Charts Good or Bad?

Individual monitoring sheets are not good or bad when we use them to collect information.

Action sheets have to be combined with relationships and the best interest of the child.  

Any time punishments are used without a positive relationships, they really won’t be effective.

An individual classroom system can work effectively as long as kids feel supported and cared for by the parents and teachers in their lives.

Are Behavior Charts Effective?

Why Behavior Charts Don't Work

A personal monitoring system won’t work when kids don’t understand the connection between their actions and the rewards they are earning.

Introduce one change at a time to monitor.  

Explain how a monitoring chart works, and make the prizes obtainable.

Also, use lots of praise as soon as you see a positive behavior to help make a positive connection with the new action.

The chart we have included here can be an individual chart for kindegarten or a preschool individual chart.  

You can also personalize this chart and fill it in to measure any behaviors you would like.

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