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Autism Travel

Just what is an Autism Travel Friendly Vacation and is it for you and your family?

Each week throughout the summer we will be featuring one of many amazing autism-friendly vacation spots! 

Vacation and resort spots have realized the need to provide a fun, yet lower key experience for kids with autism.

What types of accommodations are available in these vacation packages?

Here are just a few of what can be offered:

  1. Tailored list of rides appropriate for your child
  2. Low lighting
  3. Reduced noise
  4. Front of the line passes
  5. Autism-friendly sport and ski lessons
  6. Camps and resorts with adaptive horseback riding, water programs
  7. Autism-friendly hotels
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Autism On The Seas

Are you planning a family cruise? Let’s talk about Autism on the Seas (AoTS)


Autism on The Seas is an organization dedicated to providing your child with autism a fun, safe, cruise, or resort vacation.

AoTS staffs cruises on Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Connect with an Autism Travel Agent for all the details!

You have a choice of choosing a staff-assisted or non-staff assisted cruise. We will talk about both options.

Professional, background checked, experienced staff to work with your kids, providing priority boarding, private muster drills, reserved seating, and private access to venues. Plus, so many more helpful services.

Pre Planning Strategies For Vacation

Cruising is amazing and so much fun, but if you have a child with autism you may have worries about all of the changes your child will face.


  • travel
  • airline
  • hotels
  • the cruise ship with all of its new sights and sounds.

The folks at Autism on The Seas have thought of every concern, issue, worry and drawback that you might think of and provides extensive help both before and during your cruise.

You have access to a FREE Community Network, Services and Resources

autism travel,Autism Cruises,autism cruise vacations

Here’s a peek at the kind of help you can get:

Communication with the ship about your child.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for cruises and vacations

Cruise social stories

Ship tours

Parent Connect group

Ship Tours

autism travel,Autism Cruises,autism cruise vacations

Special requests and needs welcome!

Speak or connect with a specially trained staff member about any concerns.


Autism on the Seas    1-800-516-5247  or  1-203-604-0278

Office hours   Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, Friday 9:00am to 1:00pm EST and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm EST –  Messages are retrieved 24/7 

We can call you any time – If we are not open when it is convenient for you, just leave us a message telling us what day and time to call you, our office is extremely flexible.

Headquartered in  Shelton, Connecticut

Postal Address Autism on the Seas, 494 Bridgeport Avenue, Suite 101-346, Shelton, CT 06484-4762
Fax  1-888-286-2792

Staff Assisted Cruises

Autism on the Seas assists all Special Needs Guests of all ages.

 Your staff is highly trained and qualified and available immediately on your cruise..

autism travel anxiety

  • The staff will provide respite time each day usually between 1-3 hours to allow family members to have free time.
  • Private access to the ship’s entertainment venues, staff assisted.
  • Reserved seating for meals and shows, so guests do not need to arrive early.
  • Early boarding and private embarkment area
  • Staff assisted off-ship excursions  
Non Staff Assisted Cruises

When you arrange the cruise you want through Autism on the Seas, you receive a Special Needs Cruise Assistance Package free! Check the details out now!  


Respite is a fancy word for “a short period of rest.”

Aka…time to do what you want for a little while. The AoTS staff provides respite time each day with fun activities for your child while you do something fun on your list.  

AoTS staff also provide on-shore excursion assistance and the most convenient choice of beaches

You can also look forward to private sessions to venues/activities with staff assistance. Avoid lines and crowds.

autism travel,Autism Cruises,autism cruise vacations

Meal Assistance And Dietary Needs

Special diets, foods, and meals are not a problem. You can easily prearrange these details before the cruise. Head over to their contact page to see further services and contact information.

Service Animals And Assistance

The cruise lines partner with Special Needs at Sea to provide you with any special equipment you may need.

Scooters, wheelchairs, power chairs, oxygen supplies, bathing supplies, lifts and more are available.


Service animals are welcome.


Pricing And Discounts

autism travel,Autism Cruises,autism cruise vacations

Financial assistance is available including fundraising, discounts, and flex pays are all available. Check out one or all of these amazing payment options and start planning the cruise of your dreams.  

You can click on the link here to view financial resources

Caters To All Age Ranges And Groups

Autism on The Seas welcomes kids, teens and adults traveling with family or group homes. Individuals with Autism, Down’s Syndrome and other related disabilities are eligible as well as family members.   

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