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Autism Service Dogs And Why We Love Them

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The Best Autism Service Dogs

The best autism service dogs for kids on the autism spectrum are constant companions and increase the quality of life for kids and adults who need them.



Dogs are near and dear to my heart for this reason: I love dogs.  

And I love them all: little squishy dogs, old soul dogs, and even the naughty dogs.

I have always had my own dog in my life. A pet dog sees your soul. They become like family members. They accept you, adore you and give you unconditional love. And in this world that is pretty extraordinary.


Can You Have An Assistance Dog For Autism?

I have known for a long time that hearing dogs and seeing-eye dogs were available to assist the deaf and blind, but, I’ve also learned that a trained assistance dog is available for autistic children.

Benefits of an Autism Therapy Dog

Parents worry so much about the safety of their children with autism. Kids wandering away from their families or into the path of danger happens too frequently.

Autism guide dogs are trained to stay close to their child, follow their child’s scent and assist with search and rescue. 

Autism service dogs also provide safety is by tethering the child to the service dog to keep the child close. Moms have so much to do and so many details to keep up with that tethering takes the worry about a child wandering away.  

A trained autism service dog adds an extra layer of physical and emotional security for a child with autism.

  1. help to explore public places
  2. navigate new environments
  3. provide physical safety
  4. assist to cross a busy street
  5. they are a great companion during leisure activities
  6. protect in dangerous situations

Service dogs are an emotional anchor and provide ongoing support with emotional outbursts, stress reduction and social skills practice.  Service dogs can provide deep pressure to help calm and soothe the child.

Important Considerations When Applying for an Autism Therapy Dog

Start the application process early because there will be a waiting list.  

Your entire family can be involved as the service dog teams find the right match and provide special training for your family.  Your service dog will have full public access rights to assist your child.

Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers are commonly trained therapy dogs, but many breeds are also trained for service.

What Does An Autism Service Dog Do?

Service dogs can calm an upset child

Service dogs can work to interrupt  behaviors such as spinning, jumping, or self-harm by placing a paw on the child.

Service dogs provide comfort when a child is anxious or stressed. 

Service dogs reduce loneliness and give the child a constant companion.  

Service dogs protect their children from dangers in the environment.

 Autism service dogs harnessing to the child can prevent the child from wandering.

How Much Are Autism Service Dogs?

Autism service dogs cost between $15, 000-30,000 each.  

Autism service dog grants are available.


Can You Get Autism Service Dogs For Free

The Assistance Dog United Campaign

Check this resource for grants & lower cost service dogs.

Autism and Service Dogs-Organizations & Autism Service Dog Application

autism service dog

autism service dog

53 Dayton Ave., Xenia, Ohio 45385 (937) 374-0385 617 38th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35222 (205) 322-5144

autism service dog

4646 South Division, Wayland, MI 49348 Phone: 616-877-7297

autism service dog

20340 SW Boones Ferry Road Tualatin OR 97062

Autism Service Dogs Florida

Service Dog School of America

autism service dog 5610 Crawfordsville Rd, Suite 2101 Indianapolis, IN 46224 (317) 250-6450

autism service dog

(985) 570-5341 69156 Hwy 190 Service Rd., Covington, LA 70433

autism service dog

Blacklocks Hill Banbury Oxfordshire OX17 2BS 01295 252600

autism service dog
Good Dogs! Autism Companions

855 South Main Ave Ste K-162 Fallbrook, CA 92028 760-913-9090

autism service dog

Aggieland Pets With A Purpose PO Box 10941 College Station, TX 77842

autism service dog

16450 Hwy 36 W., Red Bluff, CA 96080  530-527-2268

autism service dog

1319 Tuckaleechee Trail Maryville, TN 37803 (865) 660-0095

autism service dog

P.O. Box 1100, Princeton, MA 01541 (978) 422-9064

autism service dog

PO Box 219 Jamul, CA 91935 1-800-528-9550

autism service dog

Telephone/Text  (916) 701-6458  

autism service dog
Cali Pals Poodles And Service Dogs

autism service dog

P.O. Box 1244 Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.461.6827

autism service dog

7193 S Dillon Ct, Englewood, CO 80112 303.922.6231

autism service dog

P.O. Box 375 Morristown, NJ 07963-0375 (973) 539-4425

autism service dog

9036 Buckeye Court Indianapolis, IN  46260 1-317-753-6440  

autism service dog

3160 Francis Road Milton, Georgia 30004 770-664-7178 800-771-7221

autism service dog
Mid America Service Dog Foundation

Midamerica Service Dogs' Foundation 7420 S. County Line Rd, Ste. 8 Burr Ridge IL, 6052 1-866-4PAWS-44

autism service dog

Paws Giving Independence

PO Box 9572, Peoria IL 61612 309.839.2754

autism service dog

PO BOX 21 Midland Park, NJ 07432

autism service dog

9440 Science Center Drive New Hope, MN 55428

autism service dog

197 Griggs St. N., St. Paul, MN 55104. (651) 321-3647.

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