Autism Sensory Issues Adults & Kids-5 Powerful Steps To Take Now!

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Autism Sensory Issues Adults and Kids

Autism Sensory Issues Autism Adults and Kids  may experience 

Living with autism can create an array of sensory issues that can be difficult to navigate. 
Gain an understanding of these common sensory issues and how to manage them with this helpful guide!
Autism sensory issues adults and kids have may cause difficulty with sensory processing
They may experience intense reactions to certain smells, sounds, textures, and light levels that can cause stress and anxiety. 
With the proper support and understanding of these sensory issues, autistic people can learn to recognize triggers and develop strategies for better managing their reactions.
Hypersensitivity to Sound, Visuals and Movement.
Autistic people may experience hypersensitivity to sound, visuals and movement which can cause significant distress. 
Being exposed to sudden loud noises or bright lights may overwhelm the senses – leading to meltdowns or outbursts. 
Additionally, difficultly with motor planning can lead to clumsiness, poor coordination, and difficulty processing tactile sensations like clothing or brushing against objects.
Problems with Motor Skills and Perception.
Many autistic people have difficulty with fine motor skills, which can lead to problems with coordination and balance. 
For example, they may find writing difficult or experience difficulty discerning boundaries in physical space. 
Autistic people may also experience difficulty perceiving their body in the world around them, and can be overwhelmed by the sensations of tactile stimuli – such as clothing against their skin or brushing against objects.
Difficulty with Taste and Smell Sensitivity.
Autistic people often experience sensory issues with taste and smell which can manifest differently for each individual. 
Some may have difficulty tolerating certain tastes and smells or an aversion to the idea of tasting or smelling anything, while others may react adversely to specific smells or textures. 
Knowing what your child tolerates and avoids is key in developing strategies and techniques to help them manage their sensitivities.
Trouble Processing Information Through the Senses. 
An autistic person may have trouble deciphering and understanding information received through their senses. 
They can have difficulty interpreting sights, sounds, tastes, smells, body position and directions from others. 
This can be overwhelming for an individual that is trying to communicate or participate in activities with other people. 
Knowing the level of stimulation your child can handle and helping them find ways to deal with sensory overload can help reduce anxiety associated with this condition.
Socialization Issues Due to Sensory Overload or Under-Responsiveness.
People with autism are often overwhelmed by the onslaught of interactions and social surroundings. 
Over-stimulation in a crowded, busy place can cause sensory overload for people with autism and result in difficulty focusing, tantrums or other behaviors that reflect distress due to overwhelming stimulation. 
On the other hand, some people with autism may not respond well to subtle social cues or body language often used during conversations, leading to awkwardness or misinterpretations when attempting to communicate.

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