Autism Respite Bonus: Jump on the Catwalk

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Autism Moms: Jump On The Catwalk And Do A 360 For Me

What Is Respite Care For Autism?

Autism spectrum moms. Strut on down the catwalk and let’s check your swagger:

autism respite

  1. Mom bun and/or messy hair that you may or may not have cut and colored yourself. 
  2. T-Shirt with a cool message and a few coffee stains 
  3. Eye bags…enough said.
  4. A To-Do List that you’ve lost again
  5. A Mom Boss mug holding your cold coffee 
  6. Unfulfilled Wish List ?

Whoa! I think we’ve found our problem.

Here’s the picture I’m getting. You’re moving on down the catwalk of life waving and smiling and rocking out your style. As you near the end of the runway to make your big turn, BOOM.

That’s right. BOOM. Down you go.

Forgot something, didn’t ya?

Always, always make room for yourself. You need a checkmark by your own life.

Support And Assistance

Don’t get mad, I’m trying to help you. I’m on your side. Promise.

I sense you telling me you don’t have time or anyone to help with your autistic child


I want you to learn more about respite. Respite is a short break or getaway. A time that is fun and productive for your child and relaxing for you.

Being a primary caretaker is good work and it is hard work. No one can do what you do, mom.

But, burnout is inevitable if you don’t take care of yourself with some kind of get away. It doesn’t have to be a week long. Maybe a day or two days. Take your husband, family members, a friend or go alone.

Read a book, work on scrapbooking, shop, browse, relax, sleep, go out to eat, camp, ride a bike, take a walk, watch movies, binge a Netflix series, run, start a blog, make a cake….

Whatever fun and rest looks like for you, do it.

Schedule Vacation

You heard me right. Plan another respite break before you leave. This could be a long or short break.


Respite care services offer social skills, recreational activities, added quality of life, activities of daily living and daily routines for your child.

For parents of children with autism, stress levels decrease, and a much needed break.  It’s proven that having something fun, enjoyable, exciting, new, different to look forward to in the future, provides joy in the now as well.

It works both ways, for you and your child. Both of you need to plan fun.

Sort through the respite options I’ve linked below, use the respite finder link or go with an option you already love.

Let’s put a check mark by this one. March your sassy self down the catwalk and show us what you’ve got, girl!



Autism Respite Providers

Autism respite workers work in the family home and outpatient respite programs.  Kids with a developmental disability (including autism) and an intellectual disability can qualify for respite through medicaid waivers.


This resource provides help finding:

  1. Access respite workers
  2. Respite Care Programs
  3. Home Respite Services
  4. Full time Caregivers
  5. Day Programs
  6. Help finding financial assistance for respite care costs
  7. Find local programs and support groups
  8. Government Programs
Autism Arch Respite Finder

Autism Arch Respite Finder Finding respite programs, funding, information is WHAT this group does. Click on their link to get started.

Autism Beach Bash

Surf Camp for kids with autism spectrum disorder!! And so much more.

Provides providers in your area that you can pick to care for your child.

Easter Seals

Programs and services for children with disabilities.

Exceptional Family Member Respite Care

Respite available to all Active Duty Navy and Reservist on Active Duty. *Navy only for this program*

Operation Autism: A Resource Guide For Military Families

Military autism services

Bridge the Gap Respite Care Program

Provided through Els For Autism. After School Respite Activities

Autism Respite Kit

The Autism Daily Brew’s respite services kit.

How to keep an autism respite kit by your side.



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