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SPD, How Deep Is Your Love

This time in history was the backdrop of my childhood. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack accompanied the era. If there could be a theme to overarch it all it would be Sweet, Sweet, LOVE. Today I’m going to dish some super fly autism resources out your way.

I LOVE the 70’s, Saturday Night Fever, and John Travolta. There is a good chance this post will take you back in time. Peace out cat and kittens.

Sensory Activities: You Should Be Dancing (Yeah)

Or playing basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, running, or participating in any sport you want to.

Looking for some sports resources? Here you go!American Youth Soccer Organization

The American Special Hockey Association

Special Olympics Finder



Nonverbal Communication/Jive Talking

Autism Activities: Nights On Broadway

Sensory Processing Disorder: Love You Inside and Out

Love: Can Ya Dig It?

Thanks for going on my 70’s Saturday Night Fever memory lane trip. For all of you who grew up in this most fabulous time, go pull out your 8 tracks and keep the party going.

Peace out Foxie!


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