The Exclusive Autism Parents Essential Start Up Guide For Success

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Autism Parents Guide

The autism parents guide is here to help parents find help and resources for families of children with a new autism diagnosis

Our mission is to provide parents, families, teachers and anyone with a child with a new autism diagnosis, with instant access to autism resources.       

1:59 kids worldwide are being diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Parent often don’t know where to start to find the help and support that they need to help their child.

The Autism Daily Brew is specifically designed to provide autism resources all in one place to make finding the right autism resources easy.

The internet is a big place with tons of resources, but sometimes we don’t even know what is available!

Let us help you connect quickly and easily with the support you need and build a solid foundation for your child’s future. 

Autism Traits & Signs of Autism

Parent’s of kids with autism spectrum disorder may notice differences in their child’s behavior and social skills before anyone else.  

Autistic kids might show many of these traits:

  1. aversion to loud noises
  2. repetitive behaviors
  3. difficult time understanding nonverbal cues (body language)
  4. delayed speech
  5. lines up objects
  6. interested in a part of a toy, but not the toy itself ie.  interested in the spinning wheels on a toy car, but not the car itself
  7. doesn’t play make-believe
  8. delayed language skills
  9. poor social communications such as taking turns in conversation, speaking in a monotone voice…
For a more comprehensive list of autism symptoms check out this resource page.

You need an effective way to connect with medical professionals, grab new skills of the shelf, and have emotional support when you’re having a hard time.

The important thing is just to take the first step and ask for help.

new autism diagnosis

ASD Diagnosis

Family members can get scared of a special needs diagnosis.  

Don’t be afraid!  

A diagnosis opens doors to resources and takes away a lot of stress of parents “figuring it out” on their own.

Parents’ own health can be affected in so many different ways by waiting to get an early diagnosis.  

Head to the front of the line instead of taking the long way around.  Get an early childhood autism diagnosis to unlock free services and a helping hand!


Sensory Issues & Social Skills

Your child can have sensory issues with or without an autism diagnosis.  

One of the best ways to understand your child’s behavior in the early years is through communication skills.  

Social communication is a common ground autistic kids and sensory processing kids share.

Watch your child in small groups.  Does he/she interact with other kids appropriately or stay in his/her own space unaware of other kids?

When your entire family is together, does your child have a difficult time making eye contact, or responding to his/her name?


The best thing is to check out your ideas early.  For more information on sensory kids check out our resource in this link.

A social network can lower stress levels and provides emotional support for parents of autistic children.

Make sure to connect with small groups of parents and support groups for a better understanding of how to get your whole family working well together.

Respite Care

Did you know there are special services, support groups and mental health treatment available for parents of autistic children?  A lot  of time these are free services for you.

Respite care is short term caregiving so that parents can get an emotional break.  Respite can be an afternoon away or longer with overnight stays.  Respite can also be in home or out of home depending on the best thing for the family.

Respite is an effective way for parents to take a break from much of the stress of daily caretaking.  

Use this link from Autism Speaks to connect with a respite provider close to your home.

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