Powerful Tips for Autism Parent Self Care

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Self Care For Parents of Children of Autism

Autism parent self care is a hot topic this year. 

I love the topic every year.  As a blogger, I get to find topics that are fun, interesting and trending to talk to about with you, my amazing audience.

Today is Saturday, a day filled with possibilities, rest, fun. As a nurse, I work 12 days and then take 2 days off.

I choose to work this schedule because I am also a single mom and like the extra money.

So today is Day 1 of my 2 days off.

Taking care of yourself is one of my core topics.


This year, 2020, it’s a hot word because so many people were stuck at home during this not-so-fun virus. 

The term gets tossed around like salad.  What is self-care exactly?

Prioritizing You

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Autism parent self care is making yourself the top priority for a specific amount of time.  This isn’t a time to multitask work, parenting, etc.  It’s time set aside for whatever is most important for you right now.

To clarify what is most important in my free time, I ask myself this question:

At the end of this day, what will make me feel successful?

For instance, today we have scheduled making Halloween cookies with my daughter and granddaughter.

This activity is the 1 thing I want to accomplish today. So, no matter what else does or doesn’t get done I will be happy with this day making Halloween cookies with my girls.

Autism Parent Self Care and Emotions

Autism Parent Self Care is finding ways emotionally, spiritually and physically to meet your needs in a meaningful way.

Emotional can look like so many things. Here are a few:

  1. Journaling  
  2. Growth Plans
  3. Creating a beautiful space for yourself
  4. Reading affirmations daily
  5. Limiting time around difficult people
  6. Spending time with friends


This can relate to God/or Higher Power or not.

  1. Spiritual care can look like:
  2. Nourishing your soul
  3. Meditation  
  4. Striving for purpose and meaning

This is focusing on taking care of and nurturing your body.

  1. Rest
  2. Massage
  3. Mani/Pedi 
  4. Eating well

You want to include things on this list that are enjoyable, not things that feel like an obligation.

Self-Care Ideas

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