Autism Help: All The Things Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You

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Autism Help: 1 Secret Your Doctor Didn't Tell You!

Autism help is available and we are here to help you access the best resources.

We have so much new information to cover, so let’s get started!

Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD Signs & Symptoms

These are the the outward signs that you and other such as family members and teachers might notice.

  1. hyperactive
  2. impulsive
  3. short attention span
  4. aggressive
  5. meltdowns
  6. self-injury
  7. unusual sleep patterns
  8. unusual eating habit

Global development delay refers to a broad range of developmental delays including:

  1. social skills
  2. communication skills
  3. gross motor skills
  4. fine motor skills
  5. cognitive skills
  6. emotional regulation activities of daily living   ie: dressing, bathing, combing hair


For this diagnosis, a child up to 18 months of age will have 1 or more areas of delayed development lasting 6 months or more.

When your child receives an autism diagnosis the important thing is to find the best help available and know that you are not alone!

A parent support group let’s you connect with autism help for parents in your area.

You can receive positive parenting tips, support with your child’s behavior, ideas to adjust environmental factors in the home and classroom for the best outcomes and a place for sharing of interests and friendships with other parents.

Many new options for autism help are available. Early Intervention for kids up to 3 years old is so important!   Our brains can make huge change while we are young which is why starting therapies early matters.

A trained therapist, physical therapist (PT),occupational therapist (OT), and applied behavior analysis (ABA) know the best way to help your child with social skill development.

Causes of Autism Aspergers Syndrome

Research shows genetic factors, are the leading cause of autism spectrum disorder.

Other causes include children born to older parents and chromosomal abnormalities contribute to autism.

The Centers for Disease Control is currently conducting a study to explore early development (SEED).   This study helps find factors that contribute to autism.


What Are the Early Signs of Autism?

Autism can be diagnosed as young as 14 months old.  This information is super important because the earlier a child can get help the better success he will have.

Have you heard of the term neuroplasticity?  It’s a fancy term that means our brains are moldable (think modeling clay). 

The younger we are, the easier to mold.  This is great news!  As soon as we realize that our child has signs or symptoms of autism the greater success our child can have!

The statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM) says kids with a diagnosis of autism can have significant impairments in the following areas:

  • Unusual interest in one subject/idea
  • Absence of interest in social interaction
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Blunted facial expressions (decreased facial expressions)
  • Repeated patterns of behavior


Additional Resources for Families

Rett Syndrome is a genetic and neurological disorder primarily found in girls.  

The disorder causes progressive loss of language and motor skills, as well as unusual eye and hand movements.

Rett syndrome and autism share many similar symptoms, but are not the same disorder.

Rett syndrome is one of the pervasive developmental disorders.

Childhood disentegrative disorder involves a late onset of developmental delays, or loss of motor, language & social skills.


A group of disorders that involve delays with  social and communication.

Autism is one of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

There is no blood test for autism. Medical professionals such as neurologists and psychologists help to diagnose autism through assessments.

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