Autism Goals: Living Your Dream Life Now

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Autism Goals

Autism Goals: Living Your Dream Life Now

Are you looking for a miracle? Let’s talk about how the simple solution to living your dream life now.

A couple of months ago a social worker posed The Miracle Question to me.

Honestly, I’d never heard of it before. It goes like this.

If you could wake up tomorrow morning and you could have a perfect life, what would that look like?

In order to do this, you can’t limit your dream to what you believe is possible.

You can sift through your ideas later. 

Sign up and get your free The Miracle Question guide and dream big!

Write down the possible, the impossible and anything that makes you happy just talking about it. 

The guide will walk you through the steps of dreaming, planning, and carrying out a life that you love.

Consider creating a vision board for yourself. I made mine out of poster board and magazine cutouts. For cool, creative vision board ideas click here.

What Is Holding You Back?

Let’s shift gears for a minute.

This last month I have been riding the struggle bus……yep the struggle bus.

I’ve been working on making a few big changes in my life.

The problem is I’ve been uncomfortable and kind of lonely while I’m letting go of people and habits that don’t help me anymore on my journey.

I’m ready and excited. I’ve made up my mind that this is the year that everything changes….but these emotions.

I feel sad one moment, then mad and then I find myself wishing to just go back to a life that, while it wasn’t what I wanted, at least it was comfortable.

We are people that love our New Year, our new goals and our new planners.

We love dreaming about the impossible and living our “best lives.” We post our Facebook quotes about living the Boss Life and leaving the drama behind.

So why do we so often settle back down to the lives we know and forget about our dreams until next year?

Change: What Does It Really Take?

I started thinking: What does it really take to make a lasting change and is it worth the cost?

I so don’t want the answer to this question to be pain and discomfort, but I’m afraid that it’s partially true.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you super, super want to lose 20 pounds in this new year. You are pumped, bought the weight loss program, got the cookbook, and groceries to support your new diet. Let’s do this!

Like many new resolutions, we start out strong. We are drinking lots of water, making the diet changes and maybe we are even going to the gym a couple of times a week.

Then the drifting begins. We start slipping back into our comfort zone and slowly our goal slips away. Why????

Newton’s first law of motion says that an object at rest will continue to stay at rest until a force is applied to it. 

Does this law apply to our lives or just inanimate objects? Here’s a heads up. This is totally true for people.

Soooooo……A force. If we are talking about changing our lives what kind of force applied to our lives would bring about change

Here Are Some Forces To Consider

1. You are unhappy and unwilling to stay the same any longer.

2.Growing interests and desires that will never happen unless you make a change.

3.Dissatisfaction with waking up in ten years to the same life you live today.4. The fear of not living the dreams that excite you.

Which Pain Will You Choose?

New autism goals are exciting, but they also cause us to face uncertainty.

Do I choose the fear of change or the fear of staying the same, knowing that regardless of which option you choose you will have discomfort?

You will face doubts and uncertainties about your ability to reach goals you are still working on.

1.Can I really do this?

2. I’m way out of my comfort zone and there is no guarantee of success.

3. Maybe I’m just wasting my time and I could be out with my friends having fun.

The Miracle Question

The Miracle Question that we talked about can help you make this change.

Being crystal clear about the life you are heading towards, the life that you are excited to get out of bed for each morning is your motivation. When you long to just be comfortable you look at the life you’ve imagined and keep heading towards it.

Ways To Face Change

1.Let the feelings (loss, discomfort, uncertainty) have a temporary place in your life. It’s normal to miss people and places that you leave behind. Feel it and move on.

2. Be completely clear on your vision.

Create a vision board and take some time to really clarify what your goals are. This is so important because when you are facing doubts or losing faith in yourself the vision board will keep your goals right in front of you.

Act “As If” you already have the results you want. Yep, start acting. Or fake it till you make it. Find groups and people to connect with who have similar goals to yours.

How can you begin to immerse yourself in the life you want? For instance, as I became more serious about being a blogger and writer I began attending blogging conferences and meeting new people in this field. 

Being around these people gave me the confidence and support that I needed to keep following my own dream.

3. Make time for your new dream. You’re busy, I know. Carve out a little piece of time in 24 hours to call your own.

Know it’s okay to move forward in your own time and space without the need for perfection.

And know for certain that yes, despite your conflicting emotions, your dream is

totally worth it. 

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