Autism Family Legacy: Leave A Powerful Future

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Autism family legacy and history building basics.

Telling stories are the way we tell our truths and the way we connect.

A family living with autism needs a legacy and quality of life for your child in the future.

So I want to get you thinking about your family. 

As parents we do so  much to express love for our children. 

 We want to  make totally sure our kids feel loved and valued. 

We try to right some of the wrongs in our lives so our kids will not face the same problems and we strive to leave a better, kinder world.

Autism Family Legacy

Autism family legacy is where I want to land today.  

I want so much to leave an amazing, fun, proud family business for my children and grandchildren.  

A safe harbor from a difficult world.

A home that feels like a soft blanket, warm cup of coffee, and family and friends who get you.

Right now I live with the illusion that I can still protect my young adult children.  It is an illusion that at least calms my anxieties.

So what happens when we leave?  What happens when we are gone and can’t intervene to keep our kids safe?

I have read autism parents comments about “I can never die.”  Gotta be honest.  Those comments get to me.  

Autism parents have to find a person to entrust their child to when the parent is no longer here.  The weight of this decision is huge.

I’ve hesitated to bring this up at all because honestly I don’t have all the answers I want.



If your child will not be able to take care of themselves by 18 years old, you will want to consider guardianship paperwork.  

Guardianship is obtained through the courts when a child turns 18 and would otherwise make legal choices for himself.  If due to physical or mental issues the person cannot safely undertake these responsibilities, then the court appoints a guardian.

Appointing a guardian is crucial for the well-being of your child’s future.  

It provides protection and a guarantee that the best person will be caring for your child and your wishes for your child will be carried out in the case of your death.

Resources For Guardian Planning

A Special Needs Plan

Find Law

Friendship Circle

The Arc

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Special needs trusts are legal arrangements set up for the child, but not owned or managed by the child.  This is important so that Medicare and other benefits are not forfeited because of a financial gift.

A special needs trust can be set up through a lawyer.  A list of lawyers will be provided in this post.


The trust will explain that the money is to be used as a supplement to other aid provided to the child, ie. Medicaid.

The trust avoids family conflict over who the money is for.

The trust can be protected from creditors.

Trust Resources

Special Needs Alliance


National Resource enter ABLE

First Western Trust

RBC Wealth Management

Senior Law

Letter Of Intent

One document that will need to be completed is a letter of intent.  This is not a legal document, but a very important one.

This letter outlines who your child is, their routines, likes/dislikes, fears, joys, wishes, doctors, teachers  and any other information that you want people to know about your child.


Letter Of Intent Resources
Resources For Recently Diagnosed Autism Family

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