Autism Awareness. Girl, This Should Never Happen To You:

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Autism awareness

Happy Autism Awareness Month!


Hey guys, just FYI, I am not a physician or mental health counselor. I totally believe in talking problems out, though. I highly recommend Talk Space.

Autism awareness

I’m sitting here typing away eating some Jelly Bellies. Mmmmm. Yum. The one I’m eating right now is pink, I’m guessing it’s pink lemonade.

Autism awareness

I’ve also got a red one, purple and yellow jelly bellies. Then there’s this one that is speckled like a malted egg. I’m a little worried about this one. Probably it will be something decent like Pina Colada. I just don’t want any of those Harry Potter flavored beans that taste like snot.

Snotty Opinions

Speaking of snot. We have a concept in nursing called a Never Event. It’s the idea that some events in medicine simply should not happen. Take, for instance, surgery on the wrong body part. Never Event. That should not ever happen. Safety precautions can be put in place to stop this from occurring.

The same is true for autism acceptance. Snotty opinions are never events. People who have nothing better to say than something mean, rude, or just a**holish should sit down and shut it.

No one cares about your dumb opinion, girlfriend. 

Autism awareness


Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Month by the way. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m here to celebrate with you and it’s still April ?.

Part of autism awareness is pulling out your super mom powers and not listening to insensitive people. I don’t know why they do it, but I’ll tell you this. The shame lies 100% on them.


I could do a lot of finger-pointing, mom-shaming, and soapbox standing right now, but they won’t know I’m talking about them anyway.

Autism Inspiration

Instead, let me point light on you, the mom, for a minute. I don’t think autism moms like to be called heroes from some of the social media posts I’ve read. If that doesn’t apply to you, then totally take the compliment. Here’s some HUGE admiration from me, though.

You live a life that is challenging in some way, every single day. I know you’re tired. I know you need a break. And I know you love your kid so much. I am your biggest fan and I am so proud of you!




5 Truths

  1. Joyful lives are a God-given right for every person.
  2. Each and every child has a gift to give this world.
  3. Hope for and live your dreams.
  4. Try scary things. Push yourself to live the life you want.
  5. You Belong Anywhere You Want To Be        

Joy Thieves

Oh and one more thing. Hopefully, I inspired you to get a bag of delicious Jelly Bellies for yourself. Enjoy!

If that mom comes back around with her judgment and big opinions, smile and offer her a snot flavored Jelly Bean.


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