Autism Acceptance Month- 4 Shocking Surprises From Beverly Goldberg

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Autism Acceptance Month-4 Shocking Surprises From Beverly Goldberg

Hey guys, what’s up?

Truth Bomb: When I was in middle school I wore a brown, paper bag on my head while I walked to school.

Ok, I didn’t do this every day, but for a while, I considered this the solution to keep my hair from getting ruined during my 6 block trek to school each morning.


Let me set up the background picture for you. My hair is super thick, and because the time was the 80’s and I lived in Texas, my very thick hair was permed.


So I would get out my curling iron and curl that perm even more. Then I would step out into the hot, windy, Texas humidity. Yikes, I know.

Big hair was a status symbol in the ’80s, like an Izod T-shirt. Think Wendy Goldberg.


You’re probably asking how I thought wearing a bag on my head, less mortifying than having a horrible hairdo at school.

Well, a girls gotta do…


Autism Acceptance Month, Leg Warmers And Fitting In

Cliques and judgment were kind of standard treatment in middle school, and then as we grew up, hopefully, we got a little nicer.

The desire to belong is a powerful feeling and can lead us to do some really dumb stuff. Legwarmers, really 80’s?

I wonder if this is how kids with autism feel. Just chronically striving to belong. Maybe the communication problem or flapping or another behavior keeps them from finding the comfort of fitting in.

I believe kids with autism belong anywhere they want to be.  

See, I feel so strongly that no kid feel “less than.” I want every child with autism to feel that this world is available to them. Doors they want to walk through are open, friendships are waiting for them and whatever they dream of is a possibility.

For information on autism acceptance month click here.

Jazzercise And Mullets

We’ve all tried some awkward things to help us fit in. Think jazzercize or mullets. It’ s fine.

I think Beverly Goldberg would make sure every kid fits into her home and love them with her mom snuggies and overbearing nosiness.


She would be the mom with the t-shirts that say:


I Love Someone With Autism

autism acceptance


Beverly Goldberg would be the head room mom leading autism awareness month activities for the classes.

And she would coordinate the Autism Walk for the city.

Everybody has a place. And everyone belongs.

You belong anywhere you want to be.

Now go bedazzle yourself a sweatshirt, girl!



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