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autism 4th of July

8 Guaranteed Ways To Make Your Autism 4th Of July Easier

autism 4th of July

Encouraging Social Interaction

Holidays are a fun time for social interaction with family members! We get to celebrate the birthday of the United States and the 4th of July is basically a huge birthday party!

Parents with young children can teach social skills and language skills while making the food, and putting up the decorations. Then jump in the pool and end the day with fireworks!

Some of our kids have a hard time with loud noises and bright lights and fireworks though, so we want to provide different ways to have fun, sensory-friendly activities as an alternative to fireworks or just as a break from sensory overload.

I have found some autism 4th of July worthy celebration activities that I hope will make your day sparkle!


Risk Factors Affecting Social Interaction

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least 1 hour a day of outside free play for children to reach their full potential. Environmental factors such as tablets, gaming, computer,s and online time average approximately 7+ hours daily for kids. Research shows that a child’s behavior is more depressed, anxious, and they develop fewer social skills when screen time replaces fun outdoor activities.

A child psychologist, developmental pediatrician or other health care provider can provide an early diagnosis for early symptoms of asd and symptoms of autism such as repetitive patterns of behavior, lack of eye contact, behavioral issues, decreased nonverbal communication, and poor social communication skills.

An early autism diagnosis provides your child with the benefit of early intervention, early access to early childhood services, and a lot of help connecting with autism services and a multidisciplinary team.

Fun Activities And New Skills In Our Daily Lives

autism 4th of July
autism 4th of July

4th Of July Fun With Water Beads

My granddaughter has these beads in her water table and they are so much fun! Easy project and cool sensory experience!

autism 4th of July

4th Of July Tie Dye Shirts

Fun and cute, this is an easy project to create at home with families or friends.

autism 4th of July

Star Spangled Photo Op

Here's a website that creates downloadable 4th of July props. Grab these, put on your red, white and blue and take some pictures!

autism 4th of July

Kid Friendly Patriotic Pretzels

Food is always part of 4th of July celebrations. These Patriotic Pretzels are yummy and quick to make from common grocery items.

autism 4th of July

Make At Home Confetti Poppers

These Confetti Poppers are low on noise and high on sensory fun! Make these at home and bring them to your July 4th celebration!

autism 4th of July

4th of July Flag Balloon Dart Game

Think balloons, darts, candy and smiles. This is a unique do-it-yourself game that everyone at your 4th of July celebration is going to love.

autism 4th of July

3 Ingredient Sidewalk Chalk

Yep, you make it yourself and can make cute shapes too! Give this super cool craft a try and enjoy your own 4th of July sidewalk art projects.

autism 4th of July

4th of July Scavenger Hunt

Put together a kid-friendly list of sure-to-find July 4 items. Think flags, fireworks, red items, blue items, sparklers, etc.....

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