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Hey best friend!  

Welcome to my About Me Bio Page! 

I’m Betsy!  Mom of four kids, two fur babies, a Registered Nurse, a special education teacher, and an author of The Autism Daily Brew.

My oldest and youngest are girls which leaves the boys in the middle, who are now 25, 23, 21 &19.

I don’t have a child with an autism diagnosis, but our stories may have some similar pain points. 

 When my third child was born something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was and neither could his doctors. 

He was sick all the time with no good reason anyone could find.  I was so frustrated and I felt helpless constantly!

In fact, the next four years of his life were spent trying to find out answers to a set of symptoms that were very confusing and frustrating. 

I felt I was constantly lacking important information to help my child.

After 4 years, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that has no cure at this time called Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

It was this experience with my child along with my years as a special education teacher in high school and now as a Registered Nurse that has brought me to the heart of this blog.  

Empowering parents with their child’s new autism diagnosis.

A New Autism Diagnosis

Work Experience/Professional Experience

I have 36 years of experience working with kids and parents with all types of special needs in and out of the classroom.  

I have a Master’s Degree in special education and I’m  a practicing Registered Nurse.

I provide the best content, common facts, and the most updated information available on the autism spectrum.


You have a child with a new autism diagnosis and need an effective way to build a strong foundation.

I understand being overwhelmed by a medical condition with so many facets that you don’t even know what kind of help you need, what is available or where to find it. 

We are going to give you better ways to connect to help and provide new customers as well as returning customers, a great way to connect with other parents.

 Watch for articles, product recommendations, support, and other new ideas!

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